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The Post-River | Picture Write-Up

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The Spokane River Service Project is one that comes about every year. This year some members of our branch were able to lend their assistance in this effort along with many others, and with resounding success, clear out the litter and trash within that had accumulated.

Moving forward, the plan is to do more of the same! For those looking to lose themselves in the work, you're covered; we definitely will have more service projects coming down the pipeline!

Finally, here are a couple more goofy and wholesome pictures to round off this post:

The gang's all here: Mason, Dakota, Meagan, Stephanie, and Maddie! But wait... now... where are you!?

We hope you've been having a good Fall's start so far; the year may be rough for us all, but we're all marching on. Just remember to stay close to Christ; He truly has got your back.

As always, tune in soon for more! Ciao.

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