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The Cleaning Crew’s Pizza Bonanza

Last Thursday was a real treat. Together with a lively turnout, our branch got together to clean the Sitka building. Windows, Vacuums, Trash cans, the works. With so many people there, it ended up being very quick, fulfilling work, ensuring our church building was clean and prepared for futute meetings.

After that, we all worked our way down to the local pizza place for some slices. Everyone who was there can tell you, the taste was impeccable. Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Pineapple, and even Margarita (cooked, of course) pizza styles lined the table. One of the pizza workers was even gracious enough to sit and hang with us after his shift ended, and he may even visit us at church next Sunday! (Unfortunately, his picture did not end up getting taken!).

Keep your eye out for the next one if you missed it. We have another cleaning round next Wednesday as well! Hope to see you then! (Have a wonderful week!)

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