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The Camping Trip : The Complete Edition

Elder Birch being Awesome

The camping trip, round 2: Sail With Us (2)! It was an amazing success.

We've got a host of pictures to showcase here for you all. See them for yourself! They tell a story of awesomeness amidst the Summer's end.

This time, the turn out was tremendous. Even more came than last time! For many, this was the last big trip out before the start of the college school year. For others, this was their first time visiting our Branch. In either case, it was a breathtaking adventure full of fun, sailing, and warmth (both literally and figuratively of course).

The Hammock: Dakota has the Right Idea

But wait, there's more!

True, the Summer may be more or less over, but more is coming in the Fall. Events-a-plenty and even an upcoming Temple trip at the end of this month! We are always pretty active around here, so make sure you keep up to date! As always, you are invited to every event we host!

Ah, and stay tuned for below for some exclusive Kalispell Island pictures that didn't quite make it up last time! You may see a few earlier Easter Eggs sprinkled around here and there on posts, as we do have footage and things that didn't quite make it in time originally!

As always, we'd love to see you; whether it's at our events or at our Sacrament service on Sundays (and by extension Munch and Mingle and Sunday School), you are always invited. Please join us. We don't bite (for the most part)!



A fun few extras from the last camping trip; check them out! We will likely be doing these again next year, by the way. These trips are always packed with fun, so make sure to plan for it and come along if you can!

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