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Temple Trip - Part Three (Updated)

Our branch had another round of spiritual service (and the wonderful blessings and peace and comfort that come with it), last Wednesday, September 22nd!

This may have been one of the biggest ones yet! There were nine branch members in attendance. Lee and Kaitlyn Bean were also there as well (though they did need to leave before the picture).

If you’re up for it, and you have the time, a trip to the temple is a highly recommended experience. There’s truly nothing quite like it.


Ah, now wait just a sec… there’s more.

Mason, it turns out, went through to receive his endowments just a few weeks ago! It was a next-level event, and the sort of thing which is truly a privilege to participate in.

Similarly, Greg was also recently able to do the same.

Of course these experiences are truly personal; whether or not to take and show pictures is up to whether or not you are willing, should you or anyone decide to share as well!

These are truly experiences without compare; if you ever get the opportunity to, or receive your own endowments, it’s one you don’t want to pass up.

To top things off, the day finally came that we went to Denny’s for the post-meal! Dairy Queen’s great and all, but sometimes you’ve gotta shake things up.

As always, keep your chin up! And stay tuned.

Remember, God loves you. He will always have your back.

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