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Temple Trip in Seattle

We have quite the privilege you know. The Spokane Temple has been closed for a decent while as I'm sure everyone is aware. Temple trips are important however, and if the opportunity arises and you're able to, it's great to be able to go. President Gibby and some members of the Branch decided to plan and do a wonderful trip to Seattle, to do baptisms last weekend. I think looking at these pictures and remembering how great an endeavor this is to take on, you really get a sense of how blessed we are to have a Temple at our doorstep, though of course doing a trip like this can definitely be an adventure that sticks with you.

Fortunately, we have a temple reopening approaching here real soon. We'll get the opportunity to come visit much more frequently. Believe me, it's a peace you'd be well pleased to keep in your life with the way things are; keep that rock of our redeemer near you. The spirit's gift of guidance will help you, and the ancestors who need it will certainly thank you dearly some day.

Please don't delay if you can! Get your temple recommend, renewed or otherwise. Talk to President Gibby! You'll get squared away and be able to join a temple trip with the branch, or even just have the opportunity to go at any other time! It's worth it. For God, as well as yourself!

Here's a few more pics. Hope you can make it to the next one!

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