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Temple Trip, Endowments, and Gibby's Christmas!

We've had a wonderful past few weeks recently. As we approach Christmas and the weather gets colder, fellowship gets warmer.

To start things off, earlier this month we had a trip to the temple. It wasn't hugely attended, but the quality was incredible. The number of baptisms this little group accomplished was remarkable. The exact number I can't say, you'll have to ask those who were there, but I do know it was somewhere in the ballpark of 40!

There's nothing quite like the feeling of performing baptisms for the dead. The spirit is there as you do so, and it's a palpable feeling; one you often can't experience unless you go to the temple!

Speaking of which, Maddie's endowment session was also recent! Here's a picture of her and Dakota, the two most recent close graduates of our branch:

These experiences are like no other. It's highly recommended you go if you can! There's nothing that compares, but really I can't describe why it's so important. See President Gibby for your temple recommends! It's totally worth the time and trip.


Up next, we had the incredible Christmas Party hosted by President Gibby and Sister Gibby! Food prepared by Sister Gibby and Elder Foxworth, Musical Numbers presented by Stephanie as well as Elder Foxworth and Elder Leppert, and Karoake presented by every one of our beautiful singing voices! (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

The party brought us all together, and we had a grand turnout! Also, the peppermint Ice Cream with chocolate syrup and peppermint sprinkles, prepared in part by Hunter as well as Sister Gibby and others, was to die for! Actually, there's one more Christmas party happening tomorrow night, on the 20th - The Hopkins' Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! Make sure you come - details for time (6/7PM) as well as directions and more are available on the front page of this site, at the bottom! Check out the little calendar!


One more thing everyone before you go for the holidays. Remember how important it is for us to reach those who may be struggling through the holidays this year. Christmas is supposed to be about cheer, love, and the Savior. Yet for many it's a time of heartache, sadness and pain. Maybe you can do something to help those who are going through some of these things. Talk to your assigned ministering YSA members! It doesn't take much! Something simple can make a world of difference! Please don't forget about the warmth you can bring others this holiday season!

Thank you all for your strength and love of those in our branch.

And of course, Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!!

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