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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Electric Boogaloo.

This week we have round 2 of our Branch's annual Summer campsite! Sail With Us! We won't be camping on Kalispell island this time; instead it will be on the shore. However, do be alert! There be Bears Here.

Here are the details:

All Day Friday & All Day Saturday, August 27th and 28th

Where: Priest Lake, Idaho Bottle Bay Campground

Directions: From Spokane take 395 Newport HWY to Newport and then on to Priest River. At Priest River signal turn Left. Left to Priest Lake. Stay on main Rd through town of Priest Lake to Nordman. At Nordman the road splits, you stay to the right . Follow signs to Beaver Creek Campground . About three miles before beaver creek just that on the right hand side Bottle creek campsite sign . Park here along the road. There is an outhouse bathroom on the road and one in our campsite . This is Bear country, Grizzle and Black Bear so all food is locked in a bear proof metal box in the campsite. Make sure you leave no valuables in your car. It’s a short hike 1/6 of mile to the campsite right on the lake.

Activities: Sailing, crew on a 28ft sailboat, swimming, snorkeling , hiking, fishing with Idaho license, Hike the Lakeshore trail, Take pictures of the beautiful scenery and mountains. A Fireside without the fire. ( Campfires fire ban) , music sing along. Great food, fellowship and lots of fun.

Food: The branch is supplying Dinner Friday at 8PM Hot dogs, breakfast eggs and bacon fruit Saturday morning 9:30AM and lunch Saturday sandwiches, chips fruit.

What to bring: Travel light!!! You are hiking in to the campsite from the road. Again its about 1/6 of a mile into our campground. Suggest camp chair, sleeping bag, clothing, personal items, Bring your own drinking water supply water please. We are setting up only two tents for those needing a tent . Bring your own Hammack or tent . Car Pool if you can.

Please let us know today if you will be signing on board and the time we can expect to see. Set your sail for Friday and Saturday ! The weather is in 70’s!

"We cannot control the weather & wind, but we can adjust our sails"

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