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Maddie/Dakota's Wedding Reception, Temple, and the Highest Heights

Just this past week, Dakota and Maddie shared a wonderful wedding reception. It'll be a tough one to say goodbye, as both have been some of the longer term members of our branch. They'll be missed greatly.

Speaking of which, It's been another great temple week for our branch, amidst the time of the temple closing within the next month or so. It was a decent turn-out this time too! Truly a great group.

The spirit's been hanging around a lot lately, and that comfort is more than welcome right now with so many going through so much. Don't forget; come to a temple trip if you're feeling down (there will be more at another temple in the future I'm sure) and share the spirit with others if you can, just through service or otherwise. You never know who could need it.

Now, as far as fun goes, Dakota and Maddie prepared a fun trip to the Altitude trampoline park for us. It was quite an event, you'll have to ask those who were there; FHE (and other) activities are often a blast, so don't miss out when you get the chance to go; it's sure to make your day a little bit more enjoyable.

Some great hijinks ensued. As you can see by the turn-out! Looks like a blast.

One last little picture here of Danny and some hippie guy on the left who had the privilege to eat out with President Gibby during the past week. Sometimes the simple things are the best!

I'm getting so hungry looking at this picture

Have a beautifully wonderful week! Another post will be coming soon with some highlights of the great art FHE we had recently! Be sure to check it out if/when you can!

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