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Kalispell Island Round-Up

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Taken during the trek around Kalispell island. Truly a rocky experience.

The Branch's Kalispell Island getaway was a great success. Sailing, swimming, hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course the end all be all, smores.

But most importantly, it was a wonderful experience. Throughout it all the Spirit was there, guiding, protecting, and comforting. As Friday night came to a close and everyone gathered around the campfire to sing campfire songs, the love of our Savior could be palpably felt around us.

This trip was made possible by our incredible branch president, President Gibby. Thank you for the opportunity to form new friendships and bonds with members of our Branch and have fun while doing it. We love you!

President Gibby with his son, Michael

Below is a featured selection of photos of the event. If you missed it, make sure to try to make it next year! It's an experience you're unlikely to ever forget.

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