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Gibby's Snow Day Supreme

January has been an interesting start to this year. Things are hectic. Perhaps we hit the ground running so fast we may have just about tripped over our shoelaces.

But, we're off to a new year, one that promises to bring many blessings, warm feelings, and fellowshipping. Today's case matter being the wonderful Gibby's Snow Day event, held a couple of weeks back.

Persistence says it all. That was from Robbie, a new member of our branch (and an awesome one). Perhaps a snow-based career is in his future.

Although it's been an interesting few weeks, there was a healthy turnout at this event. We saw a host of people from our branch that gathered around the Gibby's campfire.

Tongue tied!

Shae brought her wonderful daughter along too

Food was plentiful, and it was hardly that cold that day either (well, at least fellowshipping-wise)!

Look at it! Look at it! Campfire Roasting. Delicious!

Of course, sledding was a major component. How could it not? Just look at that spread.

As always, we love anyone and everyone coming to these. Come hang out! Have a blast. Eat good food. Experience the warmth of the Spirit. Drop by any Monday, usually around 6-7 PM.

Keep up the effort, the story's just begun.

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