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Gibby's Pool Party Extreme

Last year these were such big highlights. Coming back for a return to fun, the patented Gibby Pool Party is here. This time around a lot of new people came by! The hijinks are below.

It wasn't just pool by the way, there was also volleyball, food, and live music! The "full course meal" that Pres Gibby and Sister Gibby always graciously provide for us! Truly an awesome experience you don't want to miss out on, at least once! Don't worry though, we usually have a few of these every year!

Awesomeness, just plain awesomeness.

I hope you'll come to the next one! We've got a few more fun events planned, including a NERF WAR, and a couple more posts to put up here as well! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week!

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