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Gibby’s Pool Finale

It seems that time has come; the wrap up of Summer has begun. Before saying goodbye to the season though, there are a few last events at our branch that put the cap on the sun of 2021.

President Gibby’s FHE pool and film party last Monday is one of them. If you’ve been actively engaged you might remember this is the third and final one this Summer! Both President Gibby and Sister Gibby have gone to a lot of effort to do so, so thank you!!

Of course many of the branch presidency have helped out either by providing events in their own homes or by helping set up or organize them (and even some members of YSA too). So thank you to all who have done so! It’s been an incredible Summer.

We had a massive turn out. Tons of people showed up (some new like Rose, and some old), dipping their toes in the final Summer waters of the year. The place was packed! See for yourself:

A lot of members of our branch our headed off to college, so unfortunately we’ll be saying goodbye to them, many for a long, long while. In any case: good luck to you! We won’t forget the bonds of friendship that were formed.

As always, FHE meets Monday’s within 6-7 PM (mostly). You can get notified of the time and place through text ahead of time by clicking the little brain thought bubble icon at the top of this, or any page on the website!

Remember the camp out is Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday if you’re still hankering for some heated outdoor fun!

Have a great week, and Summer finale!

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