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Fun in the Sun on the 5th Of July

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

FHE this past week was something else. President Gibby and Sister Gibby, for the second week in a row, set up a wonderful YSA event in their backyard pool and invited everyone to attend (thank you so much for everything you do!).

There were hot dogs and hamburgers, scary stunts a plenty, karaoke with President and Michael Jackson, water battles with Devin and Connor, a healthy dose of Lacrosse, and more crazy antics than you can shake a stick at.

The Famous™ Jim Hopkins

Things began slowly but surely as everyone gradually eased their way into the chlorine waters. Elder Foxworth and Devin were neck and neck in terms of seeing who could provide the most gut-wrenching stunts off the diving board. Rob demonstrated his own technique, accompanied by a makeshift will and testament, just in case things went a little too far. "It'll be 80's themed", he said; "Leg warmers and Mullets required" (referring, of course, to the funeral).

Falling with Style™

The evening concluded with simultaneous rounds of Lacrosse and live karaoke, with jams provided by Mason and President Gibby. A little Michael Jackson was even sprinkled in there near the end. Unfortunately we can't include all of it... if you couldn't make it this time, make sure to stop by for the next one!

Even the Missionaries stopped by for a couple of Hot Dogs

To top it all off, the night ended on a high note with a few last minute pool escapades. All in all it was a great time, with wholesomeness and spiritual-ness abounding. Take a look at a few more of the wonderful shots President Gibby and Sister Gibby managed to grab. Want to be featured? Make sure you come next time and look for someone with a camera (usually Josh, President Gibby, or Sister Gibby)! Until then, adios, and have a lovely summer.

(Do note: there are more image posts! We've got a few more in the pipeline, so check back soon)

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