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Flour Tag Extreme

Last week’s FHE was a flour treat.

Together with the Shawnee Ward we participated in lobbing fluffy projectiles at one another by stuffing flour into fabric in a capture-the-flag esque game. Things were a little heated, so you could say the flour got a bit cooked, which is fair as there were, indeed, cookies. Thankfully we had a wonderful prayer at the end and were granted the opportunity to form bonds of friendship with our neighboring ward, as the spirit calmed and comforted those who were there as the activity came to a close.

Unfortunately photos were not taken of the event! Whoops. Don’t miss out though, it’s always best if you can make it in person. There’s a special spirit about these events and the comfort and inclusion one feels, and there’s nothing quite like being there yourself.

Stay tuned for more! FHE tonight is a special service activity; Cookies for Widows at Brother Hopkins‘! 15720 N McKinnon Rd, Mead, Washington 99021. Have a great week!

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