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FHE: Ultimate Dodgeball + Ultimate BBQ

We had a few great activities over the past two weeks. Monday nights were filled to the brim of ridiculously awesome companionship between members of our Branch.


Last Monday (yesterday) we had a great BBQ over at the Hopkins. It was tons of fun. There were the usual Hot Dogs and Burgers, with a whole DIY kit, side salad included, which allowed us to expand our culinary craftsmanship. The topics discussed were vast; all from how epic Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs was as a movie, to who was able to do the entirety of Naruto, to who thought the Mandalorian was better than Star Wars as a whole (controversial I know). Now these weren't the only topics, all sorts of things were discussed: these were just a couple of the more fun/silly ones. Generally we had a great time enjoying each other's company and that of the Spirit, as we laughed and ate good food courtesy of the Hopkins.

Unfortunately no pictures were gotten in the event. The food was so tasty it would do injustice to photograph it (a likely story, right?). Though this is a dish best served fresh; if you can come, please do! Really, I'm not just saying that. You really are welcome to come, believe it! We welcome you with open arms.

Now the previous week, we did a batch of Ultimate Dodgeball over at the Sitka building. This time some pics were grabbed: as you can see from the title picture, the game was so successful, it hurt.

(Not really though! But it was really intense).

Mostly, Maddie kicked everyone's butts at the event. There was also some serious rivalry between Dakota and Maddie at the event. It was really quite something. One thing's for sure: everyone was exhausted by the night's end.

Unfortunately I can't say whether much luck was had with rounds of Family Feud, as there weren't any witnesses to note; however, it was definitely an option if having large inflatable chunks fly at you wasn't really your thing.

Lastly, here's a couple of shots of Brother Adams referee-ing each match. He did an excellent job!

It was honestly a blast.

We do something new every week! 6/7 PM is the usual start time. We'll also likely be putting up a Calendar soon on the front page, so you can get a play-by-play of upcoming events! Keep up to date, and see you next time!

Have a great week.

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