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FHE - Compilation of Upcoming Summer Events

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The summer is pretty packed. Monday FHEs for the next several weeks have been planned, with more details upcoming (make sure to check Facebook and Remind when announcements drop!). We're still in the early stages for some of them, but do mark your calendars. Remember that generally events begin around 7:00 PM (and occasionally a little earlier, though this will depend on the event and host in particular).

July 12th

Board Game Night at the Sitka Building

808 E Sitka Ave, Spokane, Washington, 99208

July 19th

Flour Tag at the Greenbluff building

5302 East Greenbluff Road, Colbert, Washington, 99005

July 26th

Service Project for Widows. Cookies and care packages - will be traveling door to door. More info coming soon.

August 2nd

Barbeque at the Adams - There will be games and cornhole. Starts 6:00 PM.

5420 N Mayhew Rd, Spokane Valley, Washington, 99216

August 16th

Combined YSA activity (check back in the future!)

August 23rd

Pool and Movie at Gibby's

17510 N Palomino Rd, Colbert, Washington, 99005

August 30th

Service project for the Animal Shelter. Details forthcoming in the future.


Priest Lake Camping Trip Round 2 - Sometime in late August perhaps.

More details will be added in this post in the near future and/or potentially to their own dedicated posts. Stay tuned.

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