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Cleaning Crew Round 2: Electric Pizza-loo

Another successful church cleaning occurred this last Wednesday, accompanied by some post pizza pleasantries. There was a new crew present this time, with Mason, Devin, Bryan, Stephanie, Kayla, Sister and Brother Adams all attending (from right to left). The group’s size was such that they even got to sit in the booth this time (lucky!).

As always, thank you to those who attended this and last week and helped us clean our church building. The work is much appreciated. There’s a special spirit associated with these sorts of service activities, and we invite everyone to attend future ones. Keep an eye out on remind! (which you can sign up for in the upper right hand corner, by the way! Look for the little brain thought bubble icon).

One last note: remember, we start at noon on Sundays now!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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