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Bro Hopkins Christmas - 2021 Wrap Up

This past week, we celebrated the most important person to have ever lived, Jesus Christ, our savior, who died for us so we could keep on going, progressing into the people Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father want us to be. The atonement, the most amazing any of us can ever receive.


It was a special FHE last Monday, in which Brother and Sister Hopkins prepared a lovely Christmas Dinner for the whole branch.

All sorts of Christmas themed events ensued. Gifts, Ugly Sweaters, VR, delicious food, and warmth. The competition was heated, as you'll see.

I don't know if I'm crazy, but these sweaters are insanely epic, as far as I'm concerned. I think maybe "ugly" is meant as a way of noting the intense colors; whatever the reason, these sweaters are sweet.

We see that, of course, the meal was impeccable. You know, you're always invited to come to these, whomever you are who are reading right now; we'll welcome you with open arms, and lots of food!

Did I mention there was Cookie Decorating?

We're close to the coming of the New Year. It's been really rough for a lot of us; maybe some of us have been through experiences that were the hardest ones to go through to date. But remember that the savior is with us; it can be hard to remember sometimes, no matter who you are. None of us are perfect, as much as we do like to pretend we are, at times. Some say fake it 'till you make it, but maybe the term "faith it 'till you make it" is just a little better (I didn't make that up by the way, though it's a great one).

Let's keep it up, everybody. We're almost to a new place, a new horizon. God's got all our backs, we just need to remember he's there, helping us, guiding us. Keep your eyes out for those around us who need an extra hand.

Thank you for your reading these small little posts on this site! This will be an ongoing tradition, into the new year. Keep up to date! You won't want to miss anything.

Happy New Year!

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