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Adams’ Olympic Burgers & BBQ

Monday night’s FHE saw a different sort of olympian-scaled event. The Adams graciously hosted at their home as a massive assortment of our branch members attended the meet (including Bryan Westwood!). As the night went along, new revelations also came to light, as you’ll read below.

As I was not personally in attendance, here are some highlights, taken from Brother Adams’ own words.

Elder Foxworth makes a mean Hamburger. So mean in fact, that there are apparently over 200 different types of hamburgers that he can make. To be honest, the list of cooking related opportunities for this guy, post-mission, is nearly infinite.

There are also apparently many Olympic caliber athletes in our branch. As you can see by the medals, high levels of competition were in play for the placement of bronze, silver, and gold!

As always, tune in next week for more FHE-finale write-ups! And of course, if you’re able to attend, please come! We’d love to have you!

Have an absolutely spectacular week!

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