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Adams' Dinner of Gratitude and the Shawnee Volley : FHE

The last couple of weeks have been a treat. Thanksgiving, of course, just came last Thursday. You know what that means; Christmas is just around the corner now. However, we still have some things to cover before the 25th, starting with how our last two FHE's went down (spoiler: they're always good. Just so you know).

Let's mix things up by going back in time a little. Last last Monday we had the famous Volleyball day with the Shawnee ward. It was a last minute twist that turned out wonderfully!

(We could always use a few more of our branch members there, guys!!) At the times in which we get together with the Shawnee ward, we always have a wonderful time, sometimes with some rather intense competition, though the Spirit often comforts those who come, along with the closing prayer, ending the day with a wonderful peaceful camaraderie.

Now we have the events of the Adams' Thanksgiving Dinner! A positively delightful meal prepared by the Adams', we had an amazing turn out to this one. I can't go on enough about the Mash Potatoes and Gravy (okay, I'm getting hungry so I will stop talking about it).

The pictures speak for themselves. The food was delicious, the friends were fantastic, and the warmth was palpable. The dinners are a great way to relax and enjoy the company of others. We had some fairly new people drop in too. Next time, that means you! Drop in on us when you are able to. You are truly welcome here!

As we ate and conversed, we also mentioned one thing we were grateful for. So, here's a thought: We live in a world with so many blessings, so much comfort and wonder. We have everything to be grateful for. So often we're too absorbed in the minutiae of it all (or at least I know I can be). Let's remember that! Especially as we enter the Christmas season, and our hearts and minds turn even more frequently toward Christ, and our actions more toward loving and caring for our fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Have a wonderful week. See you next time!

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